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Yes I Can

IMG_20180410_170128087.jpgFirst they got rid of the corks. Then they put it in a box. And now, there’s wine in a can. Una Lou is a hipper than thou offering from Scribe Winery, a decade-old winery from the Sonoma Valley.  Easy to tote to the beach, swig on the deck…you know, like beer. I was skeptical, but damn if it wasn’t good. Not a “play” wine…a real, buy-worthy rosé of pinot noir that goes beautifully with antipasto, chips and salsa, or on its own. It wasn’t sweet. It wasn’t cloying. Tart enough to stand up to food, fruity enough to chug on the sand.

We tasted Una Lou (named for the winemaker’s daughter…awww) at Branch Line, a Watertown, MA restaurant admired for its roast chicken and smart wine list. Lisa previously enjoyed a rosé from Sardinia at Branch Line, but now she’s hooked on Una Lou. Watch for it in a styrofoam cooler near you!



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