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The Rosé of the Summer: First Crush Winery

I’ve run out of clichés for my favorite Rosé of the year: Summer in a glass. Party in a bottle.  Deck wine of deck wines. That’s how over the moon I am about “Innocence,” the 2018 Rosé from First Crush Winery on Cape Cod. Yes, Cape Cod.  The grapes don’t emerge from sand dunes…they come from Suisun Valley on the North Coast of California. But the Rosé, like all First Crush wines, is produced and bottled in Harwich, Mass.; crafted with care by owner/winemaker Frank Puzio. And don’t let the composition fool you: with just 7% Sangiovese and 93% from 2 Rieslings, you might think, “Ew, sweet.” Well, no. It’s delightfully dry but juicy and ripe. I taste watermelon; Gary tastes nectarine. Whatever. I just bought a case and it’s extending my summer right through October! You can buy First Crush’s Rosé for $18 online at 
or find it at top wine shops on the Cape.


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