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When Two VinoUnos Became VinoDuo

24 years ago today two lonely VinoUnos became VinoDuo when they met for a disastrous blind date. Don’t ask. Lisa was a wine novice, enjoying an occasional Pinot Grigio. Don’t ask. Gary was far more sophisticated and drank…reds. Any red. More than two decades later, our tastes have changed. Our palates are more refined. And we definitely know a whole lot more about wine. And each other.

So we raise a glass of Napa Cab [he] and Italian Rosato [her] to our many years as a Duo.

2 thoughts on “When Two VinoUnos Became VinoDuo”

  1. Cute photo, VinoDuos! Fortified with your suggestions, I am off to search for Thanksgiving wines for my 10 guests. Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!

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