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First Post of 2020 – How’s the Year going for You?

We wrote our last blog post on the cusp of 2020, praising the whites and rosés from the Basque region and considering a visit to this Northern Spain region. What a difference six months makes. We're not traveling to any wine paradise, at least for the foreseeable future. Between Covid-19, the economy and the nightmare… Continue reading First Post of 2020 – How’s the Year going for You?

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Uncovering the Basque Wine Region

We know Spanish wines...a little bit. Rioja, of course. Priorat for sure. And we've dabbled a bit in Sherry from Jerez. But the Basque region? Nowhere on our radar until last summer, when I savored fresh and fizzy glasses of Txakolina (cha’-kō-lee-nah) rosé at two of Boston's hipster restaurants, Chickadee and Pagu. Txakolina is a… Continue reading Uncovering the Basque Wine Region

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VinoDuo’s Favorite Wines of 2019

In our line of work/play, you taste a lot of wine. Some you sip and instantly spit. Some you sip, swirl, and then spit. Then there are those you savor, drink fully, and remember. These are the wines we've compiled into our favorite wines of the year list. Most are reasonably priced. Some are cheap.… Continue reading VinoDuo’s Favorite Wines of 2019


Nothing to Do with Wine!

And now for a shameless plug for one of VinoDuo's other passions... promoting the art of Lisa's fabulously talented mother, Myrna Fruitt. Her paintings sell for big bucks but now you can enjoy her bright, colorful and contemporary works of art on everyday items like mugs, cell phone covers, coasters, throw pillows, totes etc.  … Continue reading Nothing to Do with Wine!

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A Tale of Four Cabs: Napa 2014 Blind Tasting

Gary loves Napa Cabs. Our dear friends also love Napa Cabs. Lisa? Not so much. But she was game for organizing a blind tasting of 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley. This was a proper horizontal tasting with three bottles of 2014 Napa Cab Sauv and one 2014 Sonoma ringer. The tasters were six knowledgeable… Continue reading A Tale of Four Cabs: Napa 2014 Blind Tasting

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When Two VinoUnos Became VinoDuo

24 years ago today two lonely VinoUnos became VinoDuo when they met for a disastrous blind date. Don't ask. Lisa was a wine novice, enjoying an occasional Pinot Grigio. Don't ask. Gary was far more sophisticated and drank...reds. Any red. More than two decades later, our tastes have changed. Our palates are more refined. And… Continue reading When Two VinoUnos Became VinoDuo

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New $25 and Under Finds at Gala Tasting

In autumn, wine shops typically hold a “grand tasting” showcasing wines promoted by their various distributors. In advance of the holidays, wine-lovers flock to these events for free tastings and a few cubes of cheese. VinoDuo is always up for a free gala tasting, particularly if it’s held at a shop we’ve never been to.… Continue reading New $25 and Under Finds at Gala Tasting


$5,000 Chardonnay? Skinner Wine Auction Preview and How the Other Half Lives

Vino Duo recently attended a Skinner pre-auction tasting of some of the wine industry’s most storied quaffs. These are big-money wines that are treasured by collectors, including Montrachet’s rare Grand Cru, a Rothschild 1982 Bordeaux, vintage Barolos, and few Chateau Neufs thrown in for good measure. Pricing was irrelevant as we had no intent of… Continue reading $5,000 Chardonnay? Skinner Wine Auction Preview and How the Other Half Lives

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Holiday Wine Gifts: Beyond the Usual Suspects

So friends, Halloween is gone and Thanksgiving and the winter holidays loom. When you're asked to bring a bottle of wine to these gatherings, your first thought might be to grab an old reliable like Kendall-Jackson Chardonnay or the red blend 19 Crimes. How about considering an alternative to these tried-and-true offerings?  With so much… Continue reading Holiday Wine Gifts: Beyond the Usual Suspects

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Recovered From the Archives: Blind Tasting 2015

2015: Crossed-Up Blind Tasting — Napa Cabernets I'm an old Jethro Tull fan. One of my favorites from Aqualung is “Cross-Eyed Mary” whose opening line is “Who would be a poor man, a beggar man, a thief --if he had a rich man in his hand? And who would steal the candy from a laughing… Continue reading Recovered From the Archives: Blind Tasting 2015