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12 Wines to Love Now

New Finds from the Boston Wine Expo After a Covid-inflicted hiatus, the Boston Wine Expo was back in March 2023, with new ownership, a smaller venue, and a more professional ambiance. Shifting from the cavernous World Trade Center to the more intimate Park Plaza Hotel Ballroom was a smart move. Less cattle-call, more sip and… Continue reading 12 Wines to Love Now

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Recovered From the Archives: Blind Tasting 2015

2015: Crossed-Up Blind Tasting — Napa Cabernets I'm an old Jethro Tull fan. One of my favorites from Aqualung is “Cross-Eyed Mary” whose opening line is “Who would be a poor man, a beggar man, a thief --if he had a rich man in his hand? And who would steal the candy from a laughing… Continue reading Recovered From the Archives: Blind Tasting 2015